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Piccardi Living buys its certified raw material, directly in the European countries of origin. This guarantees maximum control of the quality and origin of the wood. Piccardi Living floors are made only of wood coming from controlled forests and subject to periodical repopulation actions. 

Our deep commitment to gradually raise ecological standards is full of important measures, for example our planks use a multilayer birch support, which ensures better efficiency in terms of environmental sustainability and regeneration of the forest flora. 

To ensure pleasant environments to live in and to contribute to personal well-being, we are committed to using certified processing materials that do not contain problematic and harmful substances for the body. 


To work it, the energy used is lower than for other materials (a cubic meter requires from 8 to 30 kWh, eight times less than cement, twenty-five times less than steel and forty times less than aluminium). 75% of the trunk is used as construction wood and for the furniture industry, the remaining 25% as fuel for heating or pellets, to generate new energy from biomass or as sawdust. So minimal waste. As far as chemical treatments are concerned, European regulations have imposed ever lower levels for volatile organic compounds (VOC), dangerous for health, but unfortunately still present in many commercially available wood impregnating agents. Alternatively, there are non-toxic varnishes such as water-based ones and natural impregnating agents based on perfumed oils and resins and without harmful effects.

The advantages of wooden floors

Another definite advantage of the wooden floor, in addition to being sound-absorbing and improving thermal efficiency, is that of regulating the humidity in the air, avoiding the accumulation of electrostatic charges.

The benefits of wood

1. It regulates humidity

Wood absorbs excessive moisture from the air and releases it when the air is dry. This process balances the air of the premises. In

addition to stabilizing humidity, wood breathes and therefore contributes to ventilation.

2. It brings heat and is sound absorbing

Wood is a warm material, so it brings heat into the environment in which it is used, plus it is sound-absorbing and its structure has a positive effect on shielding from electromagnetic fields.

3. Natural treatments are long lasting

It is not true that natural treatments are less lasting and more expensive than treatments with synthetic products. Unlike the latter, ecological treatments are absorbed by the wood and incorporated, without creating that characteristic surface film, typical of synthetic products, which over time is consumed by foot traffic.

Well being

Materials that support the human body, mind and spirit.

Health is much more than fitness, dietary habits or disease prevention. It's about how a person functions on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It is about the response of the brain and body to the physical environment and how that response affects a person's quality of life.

We focus on improving people's lives by providing materials that promote well-being from the inside out.

we respect the environment and the territory


We understand that human health and that of the planet are inextricably linked and that buildings can have a major impact on both. That's why we've started an industrial movement towards healthy, source-controlled building materials that respect people throughout the supply chain

Respect for people

Certified wood respects the workers who cut, processed and exported it. It guarantees that all the workers part of the supply chain that created the certified parquet are adequately paid and that they work in safety.

Respect for animals: certified wood never comes from forests where endangered animals live. Furthermore, all the trees cut for certified wood (and therefore parquet) are replaced by new plants of the same species within six months, so as to never compromise the life of the animals that depend on them.

Respect for forests: forests are the lungs of our world. Certified wood comes only from responsibly managed forests, in which all cut trees are replaced and which therefore continue to absorb CO2 undisturbed by human activity.