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Country Natural

A collection characterised by strength and authenticity that are rooted in the manufacturing tradition of wooden floors. Some treatments such as planing and aging are carried out rigorously by hand to bring out the different textures of the wood.

collezione novecento - parquet piccardi living


A contemporary collection to satisfy elaborate tastes and precise needs. The wood is subjected to treatments that have been studied to make the tannin of the wood react, giving it a true-to-life and natural aspect.


A unique collection studied and designed to transform the floor into a refined work of art. Research and innovation in the transformation of materials have made it possible to create wood tiles joined by steel, ceramic and leather.


The bespoke service is the result of years of experience and a wide range of options, finishes and shades available to create beautiful flooring developed on the basis of intuition, tastes, character and personality of the customer.


For some years leather has reached the borders of interior design becoming the protagonist of charming and luxurious furnishing solutions.

Our avant-garde laboratory combines originality, functionality, a unique craftsmanship with manual capability.