Wood is a warm natural material that is technically an optimal choice thanks to the ease of installation and maintenance. Characterised by a wide range of wood and by the multiple laying configurations, Parquet is suitable for every space.

lavorazioni parquet - servizio bespoke

Piccardi Living not only provides a perfect floor but a service able to guarantee a unique creation, a work of art that fits perfectly with your surroundings.

The bespoke service is the result of years of experience and a wide range of options, finishes and shades available to create beautiful flooring developed on the basis of intuition, tastes, character and personality of the customer.

For customers who love unique spaces, we design completely personalized solutions, using refined wood from all over the world, antique wood, thermo treated wood and with handmade finishes.

Creativity, ideas and personal touches are the basis of this service guaranteeing parquet flooring with colours, details and exclusive effects.

The customer, in collaboration with the design office can design and project a unique flooring mixing our knowledge with different materials such as steel, porcelain, ceramics, textiles or leather.

In close relationship with the customer we develop finishes and plans of installation ad hoc and we produce samples in 24-48 hours aimed at identifying the optimal solution for any home or work space.

soluzioni parquet personalizzate - servizio bespoke